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Dairy Farmers Unconvinced re Meat NZ Levy

Dairy Farmers of New Zealand (DFNZ) remain unconvinced that the activities suggested by Meat New Zealand in their draft proposal for the future of Meat Levies would benefit all levy payers.

Meat NZ Chair Jeff Grant addressed the DFNZ conference in Wellington earlier this week.

"Dairy farmers are concerned that they will be paying for activities, which will duplicate those that they fund through the dairy levy, says DFNZ Chair Kevin Wooding.

"Meat NZ has proposed that a third of the levy be spent on market development. DFNZ is concerned that they have not seen any return for investment in this area and believes that the processing companies should undertake promotional activity.

"Given the lack of benefit derived from the bobby calf levy to date DFNZ considers that the bobby calf levy in particular is unjustified.

"Dairy farmers need to be convinced that the activities Meat NZ proposes will deliver benefit before they commit to paying an industry good levy on meat."

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