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Greenpeace Campaign Against Ingham’s Is Deceitful

The Greenpeace intention to mount a campaign against Ingham’s because their chickens have been fed soy meal derived from environmentally friendly GM soy beans is deceitful the Chairman of the Life Sciences Network, Dr William Rolleston, said today.

“It’s a bit rich Greenpeace accusing Ingham’s of deceit. Their chickens are not GE; if they were, the very stringent rules would require Ingham’s to label them.

“Greenpeace is being deceitful itself when it says because the chickens eat food derived from environmentally friendly GM soy beans the chickens themselves are GE. That’s just not logical.

“If the logic of that approach was taken further we would have to say that because humans have been eating irradiated food they are irradiated themselves – which is plainly nonsense.

“Beside all that the GM soybeans are safe for human and animal consumption – stringent safety assessments have already established that.

“The Greenpeace campaign against Ingham’s is nothing more than commercial blackmail and there should be some effective way in which action can be taken to stop Greenpeace from damaging Ingham’s business. The time has come for consideration of a mandatory code of ethical behaviour for NGOs,” concluded Dr Rolleston.

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