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Scientists back Rural Women's stance on GE moratorium

Scientists and medical professionals concerned about the impact of GE release on New Zealand have come out in support of the stance adopted by Rural Women's for the moratorium on applications for GE release to be extended.

GE Free NZ in food and environment are welcoming the scientists' support for the Precautionary Principle, and believe the government's policy to release GE runs counter to the scientific and economic evidence, as well as the public interest.

"The government's policy is not founded on peer-reviewed science as they claim, but is mostly reliant on biotech-industry claims and promises," says Jon Carapiet, form GE-Free NZ in food and environment.

GE Free NZ in food and environment have challenged the Life Sciences Network to publicise research they have claimed proves the risk, from Horizontal Gene Transfer in current transgenic animal field trials, has been shown to be negligible.

Until this research is presented and peer reviewed, the Life Science Network's claims remain PR spin rather than good science. Unfortunately, the government appears to have been taken in by such spin.

ERMA have so far neglected to conduct any testing on soil around the trial site to investigate the issue of HGT.

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