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FarmSafe Adding Value to the Business of Dairying

The FarmSafe programme has exceeded the expectations of Dairy Farmers of New Zealand Chair Kevin Wooding.

DFNZ is actively encouraging its members to attend FarmSafe course as part of our goal to reduce on farm accidents, said Mr Wooding.

“I felt it was important to take a leadership role and attend the course myself.

“FarmSafe provides a practical and user friendly approach to injury prevention. I was very impressed with the relaxed atmosphere of the course, which encouraged participation whether you were a farm owner, manager or employee.

“4000 farmers throughout New Zealand have now attended a FarmSafe course and I would encourage anyone in the agriculture sector to make the time to participate in this free course.

“Later this year farmers who have attended Farmsafe 1 will be able to attend FarmSafe 2. This new programme will build on FarmSafe 1 and incorporates the development of a farm safety management plan which will help farmers meet their obligations under the Health Safety and Employment Act.”

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