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Government proposes free access to burglars and home invaders

The Government’s knee jerk reaction to dog attacks will provide burglars and home invaders free access to people’s homes, says Federated Farmers Vice President Charlie Pedersen.

“Controlling and punishing offending dogs, and more importantly their owners is the answer to dog attacks.

“The Government has proposed that all homes be fenced so that anyone can get to the front door of every house in New Zealand without being confronted by a dog.

“This huge compliance cost will be thrust upon the thousands of responsible dog owners who own the majority of the 500,000 dogs in New Zealand.

“The homes of thousands of vulnerable people will be opened up to burglars just because of a few irresponsible dog owners. People will no longer be allowed to have a dog running free within their properties while they sleep at night.

“The short-sighted reaction to high profile media events, however horrific they might be, is politics at its worst.

“Let’s deal with the problem in a sensible manner and let law abiding citizens sleep safely in their own homes.”

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