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Greenpeace trying to beat up a food scare

Greenpeace attempts to create a food scare involving Inghams chicken are but a witches brew of overcooked misinformation the Chairman of the Life Sciences Network, Dr William Rolleston, said today.

“There are no food safety issues with the chicken product which has been tested surreptitiously by Greenpeace.”

“It is clear the chicken has not been modified, even if, before it became a Cordon Bleu Chicken breast, the chicken ate soy meal which may have been derived from environmentally friendly GM soy crops.

“Besides, food products derived from herbicide tolerant GM soy has been through a thorough safety assessment by the food safety authorities and poses no health risks.

“The clear consequence of this is that, even if there are minute quantities of GM soy meal in the ingredients being used to make the Inghams Cordon Bleu Chicken Breast, there is no breach of any of the food safety regulations.

“So what does this all mean? Probably that Greenpeace are continuing to try to bully the poultry industry into going GE-free when there are sound environmental reasons for the industry to use environmentally friendly GM soy crops.

“The use of GM crops has meant huge reductions world-wide in use of pesticides and other chemicals, huge reductions in fuel costs, huge reductions in carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Are these results unimportant to Greenpeace?” concluded Dr Rolleston.

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