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Motorists Asked for Consideration on Gypsy Day

The first of June is the traditional gypsy day for the dairy industry, when Sharemilkers move their families, belongings and herd from their old farm to their new one.

This year gypsy day co-incides with the start of a long weekend, and Federated Farmers of New Zealand Sharemilkers Section chair, Joy Thomas is urging motorists to be considerate of Sharemilkers and their herds when driving on country roads.

"Sharemilkers are bound by their contract to be at one farm on 31 May and at another farm on 1 June so they have no choice but to be on our roads at this time, said Mrs Thomas.

"Consequently motorists can expect minor hold-ups in some rural areas and should plan their trip accordingly.”

“Sharemilkers also need to consider motorists in their planning for the day.

Mrs Thomas reminded Sharemilkers that with Gypsy Day falling on a long weekend they needed to plan ahead to ensure services were set up at their new farm and that legal and bank documents were in place.

“Sharemilkers need to ensure that they have tided up all loose ends with their current farm owners and that they have sought advice on any outstanding questions of interpretation in their current agreements or in starting off new ones. Federated Farmers financial members seeking advice in this area should contact the Federation’s Employment team on 0800 Farming (327 646).”

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