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Call on methane levy rubbished by PIC

"There is no support from farmers for a Government-imposed levy on methane emissions. They would much rather raise funds under the Commodity Levies Act to fund methane research," according to Jeff Grant, Chairman of Meat New Zealand, a member of the Primary Industry Council (PIC).

"The view of the Primary Industry Council is that there should be no levy. If the Government insists on more research they should fund it through general taxation," Grant said.

"The PIC has formed consortia to research how to reduce methane emissions from farm animals. It's a case of prioritising the research already being carried out by different sectors to ensure it meets three criteria - a good chance of success, increased farm productivity, and reduced methane."

"Any more expenditure can only be justified as a public-good rather than industry-good, so should be funded by Government taxation, not farmers. Government has made a commitment to Kyoto but should not hive off their responsibility to farmers," Grant said.

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