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Meat NZ Proposal is Business As Usual

Farmers are disappointed that Meat New Zealand's 'Draft Proposal on the Future of Meat Levies' appears to be business as usual, says Peter Chamberlain, Vice Chairman of New Zealand Meat and Fibre Producers.

"Meat NZ's proposal provides insufficient focus on R&D investment directly relating to on-farm production" says Mr Chamberlain.

"Meat NZ is also proposing levy funding for activities better suited to commercialisation such as improving efficiency of meat processing technology, and generic promotion.

"The proposal to use levy funds for lobbying government on biosecurity and policy development is a duplication of existing industry activity.

"Levies must be used for true industry good activities.

"There is no need to retain significant reserves that could be used in future to fund ventures and projects that do not have farmer support and bypass the accountability of the Commodity Levy Act.

"If there is only one package option in the referendum, then farmers choices are extremely constrained. It would be very difficult for farmers to vote yes for the package that is currently being offered.

Farmers are encouraged to obtain copies of the Meat NZ and SheepCo proposals which are available from Meat New Zealand PH 0800 647 000 or

"Unless Meat NZ embraces genuine change there is little point in continuing to pursue a Meat NZ-SheepCo merger."

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