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New Sharemilkers Chair

Joy Thomas was elected chairman of the Sharemilkers Section of Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc) at their Annual General Meeting last week.

Together with her husband Deveral, Mrs Thomas farms at Reparoa. Mrs Thomas has been a member of the Sharemilkers Section for four years, two of those as Vice Chairman.

“I face a challenging year with sharemilkers coming to grips with the implications of Fonterra's share structure, drought hitting some lower north island sharemilkers hard, and a temporary drop in demand for 50:50 sharemilkers,” says Mrs Thomas.

“However, I am looking forward to the challenges and believe that the drive and ambition of the sharemilking community will push them through the tough times.”

Mrs Thomas also wishes to focus on increasing sharemilkers section membership participation in non-traditional dairying areas.

Retiring Chairman Jeff Bolstad has stayed on as Vice Chairman of the Sharemilkers Section and is joined by Executive Members Dana Saunders (Bay of Plenty), Dean Bailey (Manawatu) and Bryce Kaiser of Taranaki. Damian Roper (Waverly) will chair the Sharemilker of the Year Management competition.

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