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Biotechnology Taskforce report welcomed

Chairman of the Life Sciences Network Dr William Rolleston has welcomed the launch of the Biotechnology Taskforce report, which was released today.

‘Growing the biotechnology sector, a framework for action’ sets out 28 recommendations in six different categories to promote development and global competitiveness in the burgeoning area of biotechnology.

“With the HSNO Act amendment going through parliament over the next few months, the government has the opportunity to significantly reduce compliance costs and the regulatory burdens on developing new intellectual property, which will be the engine room of our economy,” Dr Rolleston says.

Nine recommendations are made regarding regulations that support the sector, which Dr Rolleston says is timely and will be well received by New Zealand’s business and research communities.

“Among its many recommendations the taskforce report calls for ERMA to adopt stricter compliance with rules of evidence in its hearing process. This would mean objectors will need to produce relevant and credible information, rather than using the hearing as a means of obstructing progress,” concluded Dr Rolleston.

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