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USDA Market News New Zealand Meat Export Summary and Prices

Beef: Trading in U.S. manufacturing beef market subdued last week, as Easter consumption was assessed. SARS outbreak is having increasing affects on trade for NZ cuts over the Asian region, even in places where it has not yet been found. Falling prices for cuts was main factor behind 10c/kg fall in Agri-Fax market indicator for steers. Bull & cow prices down 5c/kg.

Lamb: Majority of NZ markets continued on steady course last week. Seasonal weakness in UK & Middle East may see small easing in next few months. In regard to Asia and SARS, there are expectations of demand and price weakness, but should not impact greatly on overall lamb returns. To all of Asia NZ exports 13% of total lamb, but because most of it is cheaper cuts of forequarter and flap meat, it only represents about 8% of lamb returns. Overall there was very little change in market indicators for the week.

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