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USDA Market News New Zealand Meat Export Summary and Prices

Beef: U.S. beef prices lifted 1-2c/lb last week as beef consumption is on the rise. Distinct regional differences occurring in Asia which relate to impact of SARS on each country. Malaysia and Taiwan seem unaffected, while sales to Hong Kong and Japan are falling dramatically. Stronger NZ dollar offset better manufacturing prices, and Agri-Fax market indicators for cow & bull were steady. Steers affected by poorer prices of cuts and steer indicator price down 7c/kg.

Lamb: While UK leg market moves into sluggish mode, and German economy remains weak, NZ exporters getting good prices in other parts of Europe for legs. Stronger NZ$ had biggest impact on market returns, overall down about 80c per head. However, exporters chose to leave farmgate prices unchanged for this week.

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