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IDFA Hails Customs Service Decision on MPC Classification

IDFA applauded the U.S. Customs Service's decision last week to reject appeals to reclassify certain milk protein concentrate (MPC) products under a different subheading of the Customs tariff schedule so that the products would be subject to higher tariffs. IDFA believes that the two MPC products are properly classified under the Customs Service's current rules.

"This is a significant victory for all the food manufacturers who depend on milk proteins to make a wide variety of products and the consumers who enjoy them each and every day," said IDFA Senior Vice President Greg Frazier. "We always believed that the challenge was untenable for a variety of reasons, including the Customs Service's long-standing position that such products are treated correctly under current tariff law, exactly as Congress intended."

The Customs Service received many comments — from IDFA, several member companies, other food organizations and companies, and users of MPCs — on this reclassification effort when it was launched last fall. In addition, a similar initiative was attempted in 2001 to reclassify these same two products, with IDFA and others voicing their objections. Customs rejected that challenge, as well.

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