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Farmers allowed on the Road over Easter

Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc) has successfully obtained an exemption for its financial members to operate large agricultural machinery on the road over the Easter holiday period and on ANZAC day.

“Farmers and agricultural contractors wanting to operate large agricultural vehicles from 4pm 17 April until midnight 21 April, and from 4pm 24 April to midnight 25 April, must contact Federated Farmers on PH 0800 327 646 to obtain a copy of the exemption,” says Federated Farmer’s National Board Member Hugh Ritchie.

Under current Land Transport Safety Authority rules Category 2, 3 or 4 vehicles are not allowed to operate on the roads during public holiday periods. Federated Farmers successfully negotiated an exemption for overdimension vehicles over the Christmas/New Year holiday and Waitangi Day periods and this has been extended to cover the Easter holiday period and ANZAC Day.

“It is vital that farmers and agricultural contractors who want to operate large vehicles, generally those over 3.7 metres in width, over the Easter and ANZAC holiday period obtain a copy of the exemption. Otherwise they risk a fine or being put off the road.

“The Federation is currently working through the practicalities of providing a permanent exemption under the LTSA Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule as a free or low cost service to its members with the intention of having this available for next season.”

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