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Primary Wool on show in Europe

Primary Wool has taken its message of grower ownership of procurement and marketing in the New Zealand wool industry to the huge Domotex Fair in Germany, and received very strong support from the international processing community. The Fair is the world's largest exhibition and trade show of floor coverings, featuring thousands of exhibitors spread over eight massive exhibition halls. Primary Wool shared a stand with WRONZ, and chairman Bay de Lautour who represented the company on the stand, says it was a tremendous opportunity. "I was able to promote Primary Wool at every opportunity, and the thing that interested processors the most was the fact that we are a cooperative and can do things a bit differently," he says. "Most of the spinners and processors I spoke to were enthusiastic about the opportunity of cutting out the middleman and getting dialogue going directly with growers.

"In that sense they were saying the same thing that New Zealand wool growers have been saying for years: that we need to open up the lines of communication so there can be dialogue directly between the people that know what they're doing - processors and growers." Mr de Lautour says one of the most promising contacts he made was with a major international furnishing retailer which he says is keen to eliminate the middleman and deal directly with New Zealand farmers. He talked with a number of other major processors who are also keen to establish direct communications, and came away with many contacts that will be further developed. Domotex represents a huge opportunity for Primary Wool he says, and the company will be back at the show next year but with a larger presence to better capitalise on the opportunities and contacts made on the stand.

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