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Anti-US Stance Set To Hurt

ACT New Zealand Rural Affairs Spokesman Gerry Eckhoff today warned that the Labour Government's stance on the war in Iraq would impact on New Zealand meat producers, in the face of PPCS chief executive Stewart Barnett's prediction that the country would struggle to maintain the quota of meat going to the high-priced American market.

"It is inconceivable that New Zealand will receive any consideration from the US, especially when it is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Australia, without New Zealand backing," Mr Eckhoff said.

"Mr Barnett has described Australia as `scoring a home run' with its courageous stance over Iraq. New Zealand, on the other hand, is not even allowed in the ballpark.

"Yet again this Clark-led government gives comfort to the anti-war, anti-development, anti-trade, anti-American lobby. Prime Minister Helen Clark and Rural Affairs Minister Jim Sutton's anti-American stance will, no doubt, be detrimental to our exports to the US," Mr Eckhoff said.

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