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Fonterra Asks Court to Strike Out A2 Claims

Fonterra said today that it had asked the High Court to strike out the claims made by biotechnology company A2 Corporation in relation to milk and Fonterra's research.

Fonterra's Chief Technology Officer, Dr Chris Mallett, said that food safety regulators were the appropriate statutory authorities to deal with the issues raised by A2 Corporation and, in any event, Fonterra did not believe there was any foundation for the claims made by A2 Corporation.

"Fonterra is not aware of any food regulatory authority in the world that has expressed any concern with normal everyday milk in the manner raised by this biotechnology company."

"Milk has been recognised for centuries as a wholesome food," Dr Mallett said. "Nothing has changed. Nutritionists and health professionals in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and UK continue to recognise milk as an important part of a healthy diet for most people."

Dr Mallett said there is no valid scientific evidence currently available to Fonterra, published or otherwise, that milk with the A1 beta-casein causes the negative health effects claimed by A2 Corporation.

"Fonterra believes A2 Corporation's claims are irresponsible because they may result in people removing normal milk from their diet to the detriment of their overall health and well being."

He also said that Fonterra had conducted itself in a transparent and open manner when dealing with this issue. "We initiated research when these claims were first raised."

Dr Mallett concluded, "All the research on this issue that Fonterra has completed has been published in respected medical or scientific journals, after other scientists who are experts in the area have subjected it to review".

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