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GE Animal Feed a 'loophole' that is cause for concern

The importation of GE soy, reportedly destined for Ingham's chickens raises serious questions about biosecurity and New Zealand's trading reputation.

" EU standards demand animals fed with GE products should be labelled as such, and with good reason. The transfer of gene-sequences in the gut of animals and the potential impact on human health is little understood," says Jon Carapiet from GE Free NZ in food and environment.

The government recently announced it would align NZ food safety standards with those of Europe, and though it is unlikely these chickens fed GM soy will be exported, the issues remain.

“New Zealand's reputation is best protected by stopping all GE feed importation for any animal-use. The scientific warnings against the threat to public health must not continue to go unheeded, as concerns about antibiotics in feed have been ignored for years," says Mr Carapiet.

Until this loophole is closed, the standing of New Zealand produce is compromised. Under current international agreements, the beans should have be made into meal since whole beans should not be imported under the Montreal Biosefety Protocol.

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