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Government dumps on wool growers

National is accusing the Government of shafting wool growers by pushing the Wool Industry Restructuring Bill further and further down the legislative list.

"Any chance of legislation to dissolve the Wool Board being passed by its 30 June deadline is now looking increasingly unlikely, despite our urging the Government to get on with the business," says National's Agriculture spokesman, David Carter.

"The Government's only response has been to drop the Bill further down the legislative programme this week.

"This move will seriously jeopardise the restructuring of the wool industry. Consultation with wool growers has gone on for years, the legislation has been ready for nearly four months, but the Agriculture Minister has seen fit to, once again, dump it on the backburner.

"I urge him to listen to what farmers want. He wastes no time jumping on the trade bandwagon with its numerous overseas trips, so surely he can give the same priority to the rural sector," says Mr Carter.

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