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WASHINGTON, Feb. 25, 2003 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced the third allocation under the Dairy Export Incentive Program (DEIP) for the July-June 2002/03 year.

DEIP helps exporters of U.S. dairy products meet prevailing world prices for targeted dairy products and destinations. The additional allocation will help U.S. dairy producers improve their competitive position and build sustainable international markets.

USDA is using a partial allocation process this year to better manage the DEIP sales program, make more of the product available throughout the entire year and maximize the use of the program. Today’s allocation makes available an additional 25,575 metric tons of nonfat dry milk and 1,136 tons of cheese. Also, USDA will issue invitations for a portion (5,000 tons) of the previously announced butterfat allocation of 13,186 tons. Quantities eligible for USDA bonuses may be limited by the Invitations for Offers. Individual product/country allocations will be specified in the applicable invitation.

With today’s announcement, USDA has now made available a total of 68,201 tons of nonfat dry milk, 13,186 tons of butterfat, and 3,030 tons of various cheeses. These quantities are in conformance with WTO allowances. The WTO limits for this year’s DEIP are 68,201 tons of nonfat dry milk, 21,097 tons of butterfat and 3,030 tons of cheese.

Export sales of these products will be facilitated through the payment of bonuses by USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation. Sales of nonfat dry milk, butterfat and eligible cheeses will be made through normal commercial channels at competitive world prices

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