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GE-Free NZ sinks to new depths

Only the truly desperate resort to conspiracy theories the Chairman of the Life Sciences Network Dr William Rolleston said today.

“It’s a pity that GE-Free New Zealand has retreated so far into the cocoon of its own mythology that it can’t see the real world outside.

“Their statements about the global conspiracy to ‘illegally and unethically promote gene technology’ are irrational.

“The striking difference between the Life Sciences Network and GE-Free New Zealand is the quality of the scientific research which supports our position of proceeding cautiously with gene technology,” said Dr Rolleston.

“To say we are obscuring the reality through our desire to put quality research in front of decision makers and the public so the debate about gene technology is an informed one, is a nonsense.

“The only groups which have an obscured reality about gene technology are those like GE-Free NZ which cling to their prejudices in the face of mounting evidence from science that the technology, once approved by independent regulators, is safe,” concluded Dr Rolleston.

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