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Ag Research in la-la land - No markets for GE milk

Auckland January 29 2003: “Ag Research is dreaming if they think their genetically engineered cows milk will ‘translate into substantial economic gains’. Consumers have rejected GE food crops the world over. GE dairy products will most certainly meet the same fate,” said Greenpeace GE Campaigner Steve Abel today.

Ag Research claim they have cloned genetically engineered cows to produce extra casein that may have commercial applications in butter and cheese production.

“There is no point producing something that nobody wants to buy,” said Abel.

Major food companies like Unilever Australasia have non-GE feed policies for their dairy products. And pro-GE dairy giant Fonterra has acknowledged the lack of GE food markets.

“The GE milk experiment at Ruakura jeopardises New Zealand’s billion dollar clean green image, on which our dairy industry is marketed,” said Abel.

New Zealand butter is marketed in the UK as ‘Anchored in Nature’ and ‘Free Range’. “Britons would stop buying NZ butter if they thought it was GE derived,” said Abel.

“Markets are sensitive. The Government and Fonterra should be giving clear assurances here and overseas that New Zealand’s dairy production remains GE-free.”

Greenpeace opposes the release of GMOs into the environment and food chain

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