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Time running out for farmers

Time is running out for livestock farmers who wish to have their say at the 2003 Meat New Zealand Annual General Meeting on March 26 in Dunedin.

Meat New Zealand Board Secretary Androula Dometakis said sheep, cattle and goat farmers who wish to submit remits for the AGM must do so by January 24 2003.

Remits provide the opportunity for livestock farmers to put forward issues that they believe need nationwide debate, she said. "Any livestock farmer who is on the Meat New Zealand electoral roll can submits remits for the AGM," Dometakis said.

The remits must be framed as a proposal that can be voted on, and must have the signatures of 10 livestock farmers who are also on the electoral roll.

Voting forms and Meat New Zealand's comments regarding the remits will be distributed one month prior to the AGM.

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