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Canada pressures U.S. to return cow

A prize-winning Holstein that was cow-napped and spirited across the border into the United States last week could be on her way back to Canada within days, Canadian officials said yesterday.

Dr. Francine Lord, of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, said yesterday the federal agency has been exerting pressure on U.S. authorities since the National Post wrote about the abduction of Pearl, a six-year-old Canadian-born Holstein worth an estimated $100,000.

"If it is proven that the cow entered the U.S. illegally ... then the cow will be refused entry to the U.S.," Dr. Lord said in an interview. "The cow could then be ordered returned to Canada."

Pearl, whose full name is Donnek Pearl Skychief, was abducted from the barn of Ontario dairy farmer and breeder John Martin on the morning of Jan. 10. The cow was then smuggled across the Canada-U.S. border, without the usual battery of inspections and tests.

She has since turned up on the Urbana, Ohio, farm of Chris Nelson, her American co-owner.

U.S. Department of Agriculture has said a full-scale investigation is underway. (source - National Post)

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